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Where do I start?


When you’re organising a funeral, do the things you want, in line with what you believe the wishes of the deceased would have been; don’t try to play to the crowd and keep everyone satisfied, trust your own gut instinct and don’t be bound by what you’ve seen before.  The person you’ve lost was unique, so should their funeral be.


What does a Celebrant do?


A good Celebrant will make sure the ceremony you are organising goes without a hitch and will help you find the right words for a great send off.  They’ll advise you on how to structure the order of service and will manage the process, including the service itself, from start to finish.


Do I need an order of service?


Yes is the simple answer.  You don’t have to have an official printed version of the order of service, but you will need to know what happens when.  Advice on how to compile a running order is here.


Who should speak at the funeral?


It’s your choice.  Many people will leave the bulk of the funeral to the Celebrant, simply because they would find it too upsetting to speak.  It may be that you want the Celebrant to deliver most of the Eulogy, but perhaps a family member or friend could split this up by delivering a poem or reading


What is a semi-religious funeral?


Traditionally funerals had a strong religious element, often delivered by a local Vicar, this still sometimes happens.  However, as a society we are becoming less religious.  Some people opt for a Humanist service, although be aware that this can’t contain any religious element.  A good ‘half way house’ is a funeral which is largely non-religious, but may have a favourite hymn or prayer as part of it.


How do I choose the right Celebrant?


Your funeral director will normally steer you in the right direction, but you may like to interview two or three.  Ask yourself ‘does this person get me?’ ‘are they able to capture the essence of our loved one?’ and probably most importantly of all ‘do I like them?’


Who should have input to the funeral?


It might be that you canvass quite widely for funeral suggestions, but it’s best if you have between 1 and 4 people involved in the detailed organisation, more than this and it can be difficult to satisfy the wishes of all parties.

“You captured who he was as a person perfectly... Thank you.”

Leigh (carer for Terence W)

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