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Must try harder

I’d probably only been to one, maybe two cemeteries before I started doing what I do now. That’s not much of a basis for comparison is it?

However, if there were Panini stickers for the Crematoria of the Midlands, I’d pretty much have the set by now and believe me, it’s not pretty.

Most ‘crems’ are run by your local council and it appears to me that aside from the cash cow they clearly are (£700 - £900) per person they deal with, not much time effort or love is put into them.

The one thing they all have in common, is that the people who work there are unfailingly helpful, upbeat, compassionate and dedicated; I have no idea why.

Too often though, the grounds are tended to the minimum standard (under staffing) and inside the layout, decor and overall feel are enough to make you depressed, if you weren’t already sad enough about being there.

What I’m saying is, you have a choice. Normally geography dictates this, but better to have 10 minutes further for everyone to drive, than be in an out of date, uncared for building, with dreadful plastic flowers and threadbare carpet.

Where private investment has gone into the building and maintenance of a crematorium, (something which is happening more and more), you can see the difference; the sweeping, well tended lawns which border the driveway are a clue, but get inside and there’s a decent sound system and very probably a water machine and box of tissues in the waiting room. It’s not hard to get it right.


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